Agile development for enterprise-grade solutions: our unique approach

The power of a startup approach is endless.

 We move fast to help clients reach their business goals.

How we work

We've developed a unique approach designed for speed and focused on rapid prototyping, iteration, and reliable solutions. We are experts in Agile, Waterfall, and Lean methodologies and can join your project at any stage.


We like to really get to know our client's business.

We take the time to meet key staff and listen to and understands the business goals. Deep diving into these things is the key to great results.
The outcome of this initial phase is to have identified the key pain points being experienced by the business. From here, we recommend the optimal solution implementation to solve the core problem.

Our approach

We map the optimal solution and explain our logic.
Our approach is to design and implement the most impactful and secure technology solutions possible.
Our valued technology partners
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User Testing

Testing the tech with staff, key stakeholders or management is critical.

Testing the tech will ultimately fast track the implementation of an an optimal product.
Learning from users is a key part of this journey. Users will reveal what is good about the product, what isn't and what should be built next. Skipping this step will likely result in a useless tech implementation.
Iterate and Optimise

Working side by side with stakeholders and analysing and prioritising user feedback.

Being clear on the most important product features and user paint points is the first step to optimisation.
Following a period of user testing, the next step is to prioritise and implement the most critical features or improvements. Exponent has established a set of efficient development practices designed to respond to feedback fast and be constantly improving the product.


Enterprises often have detailed and complex integration requirements.

To mitigate issues that may arise when rolling out products or being slowed down by data security concerns, the key is clear system architecture and open collaboration.
In each large scale enterprise project we work on, it is paramount to engage as early as possible with the responsible Information Technology department. This collaboration is essential to seamless integration and company wide buy-in when it comes to supporting and encouraging adoption of the enterprise product.


The final hurdle.

A seamless product rollout looks different on each project, but a few things are always the same: communication, timing and distribution.
Depending on the size and sophistication of a particular enterprise, identifying when a product is to be rolled out and to who are often key considerations. At Exponent, we work closely with you to identify the optimal rollout strategy for your organisation and how to ensure the product delivers from day 1.

Our mission

We pride ourselves on 3 things


We've worked with early stage startups to large national organisations. Regardless of budget, industry or resourcing constraints, we pride ourselves on always getting the job done to a high standard.
Outcome focused
We take the time to learn about our clients, their business, and goals. We take the view that to deliver the best results, we are one with them. This guides our ability to make the best decisions and implement the best possible solutions.
Technical expertise
We're proud of our team and their wide range of technical and strategic expertise. They are constantly training to improve their skills and learn new things. The tech world is always moving, and so are we.