Streamlining a complicated ship design process from end-to-end.

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    Ship Building
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    Western Australia
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A lengthy ship design process utilising different enterprise design tools. The current process was difficult when it came to managing various software licenses and sharing access to the software and potentially causing a slow down in the design process. With a growing list of orders in the client's backlog, an innovative solution was required to streamline and speed up this process.


We delivered a highly functional and secure cloud-based design solution.

In larger engineering companies, engineers and draftspeople spend many hours recreating drawings and converting models between one software and another. With multiple teams working at different stages of a design process, this risks additional budget and time on a project if mistakes are made. Austal approached us seeking a way to innovate on this.

The primary challenge with developing systems for engineering models is that most design software is built to run on Windows desktop environment and used with a Graphical User Interface, and not designed to be run in a cloud-based environment, driven through automated scripts and parameters instead of a mouse and keyboard. Furthermore, most automations involve manipulating complex 3D geometries consisting of a multitude of objects and layers.

To solve this challenge we developed cloud connector libraries for each piece of software, allowing them to be automated as part of design workflows. Our core workflow technology was developed using Golang, which provided great cloud integration libraries and testing frameworks. We worked with Austal engineers to develop scripts for the design software to manipulate 3D geometry.

Future Outcomes

  • Dramatic increase in overall ship design speed.
  • Enabled real time collaboration between designers, with zero down time.
  • Streamlined access to ship design environment for all design staff, via the cloud.
  • Greater visibility for sales team over lead times for ship delivery and contract price.

Key Services

Process Automation, Backend Development, Cloud Architecture, Database Development.

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