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Like many heavy manufacturing businesses, there is often a disconnect between human and machine.

There is also a risk of overlooking critical business data that could be used to solve a problem and optimise operations.

In our client's case, there was an ever increasing order book and competing completion deadlines. A good problem to have. However, there was the real risk of backlogged fabrication machinery causing schedules to fall behind. The client's staff worked hard to attempt to rectify these bottle necks as best as possible, with some success.

To complicate matters for the client, there was occasionally a lack of visibility as to fabrication machine capacity at any given time.


We developed a highly functional cloud based web app with a beautiful UI.

We worked very closely with the client to develop a usable software solution that really solved key problems for different user types within the client's business.

In order to optimise the utility of the application for all user types we:

  • presented key data on large displays to factory workers on the manufacturing floor
  • provided access to a customised management dashboard which allowed project manager to manipulate manufacturing schedules in real time.

The app includes an algorithm that schedules fabrication and machine operations depending on machine capacity, utilising data collected by the client.


  • Streamlined factory operations and reduced machine downtime.
  • Improved overall factory production.
  • Significant reduction in management hours relating to scheduling machine operations.
  • Utilisation of important client data to drive efficiency.

Key Services

Process Automation, Backend Development, Frontend Development, Data Analytics.

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